About Us


Solomon Valley Alfalfa is a producer of quality alfalfa hay and mixed alfalfa hay products.  For over 30 years, we have been meeting the forage needs of customers throughout the United States.  Our farm is located on the fertile soils of the Solomon River Valley of northwest Kansas.  The semi-arid climate of this region of the High Plains, coupled with irrigation, provide ideal growing conditions for cultivating high quality alfalfa. We are a family owned and operated farm.  Farming and agriculture has been a part our heritage for over four generations.  Whether through the subsistence farming of our forefather’s in Lancaster County, PA, or through our current specialized alfalfa operations in Kansas, we believe we are stewards of our land and want to preserve it for future generations.  We are proud our past and have a focus on the future. We strive to be the preferred supplier for our customers.  To this end, we are dedicated to growing high quality alfalfa hay and to consistently delivering the ideal product to match the individual needs of each and every customer. IMG_1344